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Comedian Zakir Khan has partnered with Amazon Prime to take you back to your difficult teenage years – when befriending the opposite gender was right on top of the list, education was an issue and parents’ diktat ruled your life. His new comedy series, Kaksha Gyarvi, sees Zakir taking a literal step back as he steps into the 90s — in a style all his own.

The comedian has studied in an all-boys’ school as well as a co-educational institution and the experiences form the crux of his act. From stories about boys and girls to boys’ stories about girls, expect a hilarious ride with some nuggets of wisdom thrown in.

From bullying to friendship, from camaraderie to basic survival instinct, the act manages to capture everything that we associate with those special years. Don’t miss his jokes about his special relationship with his father, the ‘sakht launda’ to his ‘sakht launda’.

Zakir had earlier found popularity with Haq se Single and Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare.



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