Kalank movie review with spoilers

Kalank is a 2019 romance/drama movie directed by Abhishek Varman. As the name suggests, ‘Kalank’ is a story that questions the high morals of society, especially when it comes to love and family ties.


Kalank is a movie that gives viewers a message of love and hatred being a vital part of life. If someone’s hate and anger elate and, action is taken without a second thought, then every inch can be destroyed. The very close friend of Varun Dhawan as Zafar stabs his friend because of rage and vengeance.


At first, Zafar was also in a mood to destroy his illegitimate father by using Alia Bhatt (Roop) but the love he received, changed his views and at last only wished to get love from Roop. Here fate did not decide this. His close friend Abdul only became his enemy because of hate, religious issue and he could not accept the fact of Zafar going against his decision because of love.


The songs in the movie Kalank touch directly to the heart. The combination of dance, music, and actors playing it skillfully adds up an effect of pleasure. It is vigilant that the actors were excellent in the movie. There might be haters of the movie but the message is quite strong and deep which I have liked a lot.

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The story is based in a place named Husnabad, near Lahore, a few years before the partition of India and Pakistan. The difference between religions arising in love leaves a heart-touching impact on viewers. The love between two religions destroys almost everyone’s life but that at least it remains in their hearts forever even after death.


The film focuses on how eternal love goes beyond the norms and rules of society, the trappings of religion, and all other physical and man-made boundaries.
The dialogues were intense and can put the audience in a contemplative state.


I conclude, anger, hate, vengeance can destroy everything and that is what is Kalank is and on the other side, love is considered as Kalank which is never a kalank. It rather brings connection with heart and can change anyone’s bad intension.

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