PM’s message on Teachers’ Day : Teachers should focus on outcomes rather than outlays

Following is the text of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s message on Teachers Day.

“Wishing you, and the entire teaching community a Happy Teachers’ Day!

This is a day to salute the entire teaching fraternity for their hardwork, dedication and commitment. In addition to teaching subjects in the classroom, teachers are exceptional guides and mentors, who play prominent roles on the lives of their students.

The selfless nature of teachers is universally admired. Despite the busy schedules and familial responsibilities, teachers ensure that students are able to learn new ideas and concepts with ease.

Focus on outcomes:

Today, India is witnessing a paradigm shift in the education sector. We have moved away from the conventional approach of merely focusing on outlays and are now giving priority to outcomes. In this context, it makes me happy to see our teachers working hard to ignite a spirit of research and innovation among young minds. It is this spirit that will give our youth the power to do exceptional things for themselves and the nation.

Help curb single use plastic:

This Teachers’ Day, I have a request for my fellow teachers. As you are aware, India has taken up a mass movement to eliminate single use plastic. I seek the active support and participation of the teaching community in this movement. If teachers explain to the students the harm caused to our environment by single-use plastic and advice them to shun it, students will feel motivated to become a part of the cause. This would be a great tribute to beloved Bapu on his 150th Jayanti.

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On this day, I also pay tributes to the great Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, a brilliant teacher and mentor himself. May his life inspire more people to join the teaching profession and shape young minds.

Teachers’ Day greetings once again!”