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No illegal immigrant will be allowed to stay back in India: Home Minister

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah today addressed the opening session of the 68th Plenary of the North Eastern Council in Guwahati today. Shri Shah began his address by paying tribute to Bharat Ratna Late Bhupen Hazarika. He said that this day also assumes importance for the fact that today is also the Birth Anniversary of the late Bhupen Hazarika who introduced to the world the entire Northeast through his art and music. He added that Bhupen Hazarika got ample opportunities to get himself settled in other parts of the country and even outside the country as he was a legend who expressed himself through music and songs in different languages. But he never left Northeast as he was of the view that if he will leave his native place the rich heritage, culture and unique tradition of the Northeast will fail to get a platform to be showcased before the entire world, he added. He added that throughout his life he remained as the ambassador of the culture of the Northeast, and that the present Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, as a respect for his contribution for the enrichment of the rich culture of the region, conferred him with Bharat Ratna.

Shri Shah referred to the PM’s remark where he said that Northeast can be the new engine for India’s Growth and the contribution from this region towards the progress and development of the country should be the highest among other states. Northeast is a mini India in itself which consist of the mighty Himalaya range in one hand and on the other hand there is the most beautiful landscapes of the world – Barak, Brahmaputra and Imphal valley. Hinting on the immense potential of the region, Shri Shah said that Northeast comprises of around 9 percent of the total area of the country with a population of around 5 crore which comprises of 3.78 percent of the total population. The region also bears strategic importance for the fact that it shares International border for around 5300 km. referring to the diverse culture of the Northeast region, Shri Shah said that there are around 270 ethnic group and around 150 dialects in the region and all development activities and initiative should be directed towards preserving and enriching the rich heritage of this region. He said that the identity of India was never geo-political rather it was geo-cultural and if this principle is accepted by all India and Northeast will be never be treated separate. He said the cultural and linguistic identity of the North East Region should be preserved and maintained even as fast development is taking place under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi.

Quoting substantially from the Mahabharata, the Home Minister said North East and rest of India are connected since mythological era and this will never be separated under the able leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. North East Region will develop, prosper and become a pride of India, Shri Shah asserted. He also said that the growth of Northeast during the last 5 years is much more in comparison to that of the 70 years after independence. The development process which was started in 2014 will be expected to be accomplished in 2022. Shri Shah said the 8 North Eastern states are like Astalakhmi and they will play a vital role in the development of the country.

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Shri Shah announced that the North East Council will earmark 30 per cent of its fund for focussed funding of priority areas and deprived sections of society in the North East. Shri Shah said that every state will identify those villages or regions which are backward in various indicators and will work to bring those regions at par with the rest of the country. The growth story shall never be complete until the entire state progresses at par with the other part, he added.

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