Some interesting & unknown facts about the most peaceful and calm religion Buddhism

Buddhism is founded by Buddha, supreme enlightened being. The teaching coming out of enlightened being is free from anger, greed, hallucination, doubt etc.

When one reads the teaching of Buddha, their mind is calm down and more peaceful. When one practices the Dhamma, they feel peaceful.

The followers of Buddha, Arahat and Ariya are very powerful community, not hallucinated people.

Their view is clear and right, their practice is pure, their morality is sound.

Many people want to believe in gods, depend on the gods, in contrast, Buddha’s teaching are about human being – human centered religion.

Buddhism foundations is based on impermance, not self, not eternity etc. Since the foundation is correct, everything built up on is logically sound and make sense.

Some beautiful quotes by Buddha :

Interesting mention of Buddha is made by Lanka king Ravana in Lankavatara Sutra .

lankavatara sutram vai purva buddha anuvarnitam
smarami purvakaih buddhair jina-putra puraskritaihi
sutram etan nigadyante bhagavan api bhashatam
bhavishyatyanagate kale buddha buddha-sutas cha ye

Translation : Ravana, the king of Lanka, at first recited in the Totaka metre, then sang the following – ‘I invoke in my memory the aphorisms known as Lankavatara-sutra, compiled and propagated by the previous Buddha (Vishnu’s incarnation). The son of Jina (Lord Buddha) presented this book. Lord Buddha and his sons, who will appear in the future, as well as Bhagavan, the Vishnu incarnation, will continue to instruct all from this book.’

Earlier in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) 1/3/24, Lord Buddha’s advent is described in the following manner:

tatah kalau sampravritte
sammohaya sura-dvisham
buddho namnanjana-sutaha
kikateshu bhavishyati

Translation : Then in the beginning of Kali-yuga, the Lord will appear as Buddha, son of Anjana, in the province of Kikata (Gaya), just for the purpose of deluding those who are envious of the faithful theist.

Buddhism is atheistic philosophy, we say that such Buddha is not the ninth incarnation of God. We take Buddhism as theistic philosophy only and confine to the way that treats Buddha as incarnation of God to whom the souls should surrender as told in Buddhism. It supports justice (dharma) for the welfare of the society (sangha). The silence of Buddha can be taken as the expression for unimaginable God, who is beyond words. Buddha told that this world is nothing (shunya) and also momentary (kshanika). Momentary means existence of something for a moment and hence, cannot be taken as absolute nothing (atyantaabhaava) like the horn of rabbit. It means that shunya does not mean absolute nothing and hence, shall mean something, which is subtle energy or space. The Veda says that space or subtle energy is generated by God (aatmanaaakaashah.., tat tejosrujata…). Nothing, here, means minimum-most existence assumed as nothing.

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