Hypocrisy of Bollywood celebrities. You must read this

Let me show you some other great actress of India.

Meet Sonam Kapoor. Here she is advocating for the rights of animals. I appreciate it. Well said Sonam.

Now look at this.

Here she is advocating for a murderer of a rare animal. Great work. Clapping guys.

Now meet Richa Chadda ?

What about Shraddha Kapoor ? She is also a great actress. Her below stands are proof of her great acting skills.

Our Shabana aka Tappsee Pannu despite being a newcomer is also competing very hard with these great actress.

Now see Shilpa Shetty. She won an award from PETA for her animal love and after 5 days she posted a Turkey receipe on YouTube.

Kareena Kapoor is also not far behind and well in this race.

She is protesting for a rape victim but put her son’s name after a mass rapist and mass murderer. Keep on clapping guys.

Now meet our former Miss world Priyanka Chopra.

She would wear half skirt while meeting with Indian Pm as it is her choice. Well it is. Who we are to question this ? But when she went to meet Syrian refugees and there she forgot about her choice.

And she respected their culture. Don’t we have any culture guys ? Do we ?

She went Jordan to meet Syrian refugees but couldn’t find time for meeting the victims of Kashmir genocide despite being in the India for such a long time. Not to forget that she also went to Bangladesh to meet Rohingyas but couldn’t find time to even say a word for the Hindu families masscared by Rohingyas.

All Pics are from Google.

So I think there is no doubt Swara Bhaskar is doing great. She has shown her skills in Pakistan by declaring Lahore as best place but my greatest actress award will go to our Miss World Priyanka Chopra. Swara Bhaskar finished a close 2nd and narrowly missed the award.

Keep on Clapping Guys.

Priyanka Chopra meets Syrian refugees in Jordan – Times of India ►



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