Hina khan trolled for her new picture on instagram

For eight long years, she was a television bahu always in a sari, and now that she is not, Hina khan has let out her inner glam actress, with a love for new gym gear. and so, of course, the trolls have something to say about it.

Recently, Hina posted her workout pics on instagram and was trolled mercilessly with comments such as “never seen a woman try so hard to show off her body like you do”, “flop, worthless and disgusting” and so on. there was a particularly nasty series of comments from one susmita8458, with the instagram handle @shilpa_shinde_official. (incidentally, shilpa shinde, also a tv actor, was a rival of hina on bigg boss 11.) this troll was decidedly more vicious than the rest, calling hina “hypopotemus (sic)”, “lusty aunty” and so on.


Asked about her reaction to the tenacious trolling, hina says, “i ignore [it]. trust me, the only way to deal with this is not to talk about it, and not show them that you got affected. anyway, that’s the last thing i’d get troubled by.”

But does she read the comments on her social media posts? “who has the time to read two or three thousand comments on a picture? i post a picture and move on. i might stop by and see how many likes a picture has got and if people loved it, but i don’t read too much into the comments,” says hina, who also did the reality show khatron ke khiladi.

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