Apple Donates 7 Crore Towards Kerala’s Relief Fund!

Unless somebody has been literally living under a rock all this while we all are aware of the plight of our fellow countrymen down towards the south. Overwhelming amounts of rain resulted in flooding of Kerala, God’s own country. Many states and center announced monetary relief to the nation donating whatever in their capacity to do their bit in helping the government of Kerala in rebuilding the mutilated state.

In one such similar gesture, US-based Tech Giant, Apple donated a whopping 7 crore to Kerala, with a short message attached, “We’re heartbroken by the catastrophic flooding in Kerala. Apple is donating Rs. 7 crore to support the life-saving work Mercy Corps India and the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund are undertaking to support survivors, help those who have been displaced and rebuild homes and schools,”
In addition to this Apple also activated a donation button on iTunes and App Store for those who wish to donate to the Mercy Corps team who has been overseeing rescue and relief operations in Kerala. This isn’t the first time Apple has done something like this, on many occasions of disasters and calamities it has used these stores for soliciting the donation. It allows the Apple users to donate money in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200 using credit cards and debit cards.

Kerala floods have claimed 350 lives so far and has displaced more than 1 lakh people from their homes, while things have slowly started to return to normalcy in the calamity struck state.
Apart from Apple, many companies have pitched in their share of contribution to the Chief Ministers Disaster Relief Fund. Hyundai India and TVS Motor Company donated Rs. 1 crore while Mercedes Benz-India donated Rs. 30 lakh. Beverage alcohol major Diageo India also donated Rs. 1 Crore while Paytm has raised over 30 crores via its app.

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