How to become a master at attracting women, specially who socially awkward


Despite popular belief, what attracts women is not:

  • 6 pack abs
  • A 7-figure bank account
  • A Ferrari and a Mansion
  • A huge err… “Endowment”
  • Or any of the other things that society has lead us to believe

Sure, those things help and if you just want to date shallow and superficial women then by all means, get a Ferrari, live at the gym, and you’ll be swarmed by all the wrong kinds of women.

But what quality women are attracted to is the character that is required to bring these things into reality.

If you’re socially awkward right now, the ONLY way to get better is practice.

Just like you can’t expect to step onto a basketball court and shoot 30 3-pointers in a row your first time.

You can’t expect to “magically” be good at seduction and social dynamics.

Go out at least 2–3 times a week.

Spend time with friends who are AMAZING with women.

Buy courses, books, attend seminars.

Do whatever you need to do to learn how to play the game.

But more importantly than ANY of those things, you need to BECOME the type of man that women are attracted to.

Here’s something most guys won’t tell you.

A guy with “average” social skills who has the following 5 traits I’m about to share with you will do FAR better with women (in the long run) than a “player”.

Work on cultivating these 5 traits and an amazing social life will be the natural byproduct

1. Self Reliance

First and foremost, women want a man who is self reliant.

They want a man who can care for himself and her who has a strong hold on his emotions, finances, and quality of life.

If you constantly look to others for validation and support, women will see this as needy behavior that indicates low self esteem and they will runnnnnn for the hills.

If, instead, you have your life together and are a self reliant man capable of going after his dreams and ambitions and living a great life (with or without a woman) you will become irresistible to the type of woman that you desire.

2. A Strong Purpose and Mission

A man who is on purpose and has a mission in life is POWERFUL.

But most men aren’t like that.

They wake up at the last minute possible, work a shitty job that they hate, buy crap they don’t need on a line of credit that’s almost maxed out, and then use alcohol, weed, video games, and porn to sedate their terrible lives.

And women are getting sick of it!

Women crave a man who is on purpose.

They crave a man with a mission, a man who has something that he stands for and believes in.

When a man is living his authentic truth and pursuing his passions wholeheartedly, women find him irresistible.


Because he’s rare.

Most men don’t live lives of passion and purpose.

They live lives of quiet desperation.

If you can find and devote yourself to a mission outside of finding a woman, you will be infinitely more attractive to the women you desire.

3. Confidence and a “0 F*cks Given” Attitude

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Women crave a man who knows his worth and is unwilling to settle for less than he deserves.

They don’t crave a boy who is so insecure that he feels the need to earn validation by proving himself to the world.

When you have true confidence, it shows.

You want the girl but you don’t need her to feel whole and complete as a man.

You can walk away at any time knowing that you have a life and a mission that extends beyond the relationship.

4. Discipline

A man who does not have discipline is a man who cannot accomplish his dreams and goals.

While women might not tell you this, any high quality woman wants a man who prioritizes and works on HIMSELF and his mission before his relationship or his social circle.

Waking up early, going to the gym, working diligently on your career or business.

All of these things are signs to a woman that you are a capable provider and protector who will help her achieve her biggest dreams and ambitions along the way.

Guess what?

Party girls and gold diggers will NOT find this sort of discipline attractive.

But that’s not who you should be attracting. You want HIGH quality women (whether you’re looking for a relationship or not) who will add value to YOUR life and help you become a better man.

Hookups are fun, but I can tell you from personal experience, they quickly become an unfulfilling sink hole of time, money, and energy that will leave you with nothing but a few STDs and drunken memories.

5. A Wide Variety of Skills and Interests

Women love interesting men.

If your hobbies amount to nothing more than gaming, bingeing on Netflix, and getting stoned on the weekends, you are going to be seen as boring and shallow by any woman you encounter.

However, if you cultivate a wide variety of passions and hobbies that are uncommon and interesting, you will be irresistible.

So get out there and start living life.

Pick up Jazz Flute (it worked for Ron Burgundy), learn to salsa, spin fire, drive a fast car, whatever.

Just do more interesting things and women will be drawn to you as a byproduct.


At the end of the day, being attractive (to men and women) is about having you own life, your own mission, and your own purpose and inviting the other person to be a part of it.

People are attracted to people who lead rich and passionate lives.

So focus on yourself and creating an amazing life and the right woman will come along.

Hope this helps.

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