Google, Facebook, Twitter to self-censor political content

Group media giants Facebook, Google and chirp hold fixed hands with the determination authority early of all-purpose appointment 2019, volunteering to supervisor altogether opinionated advertisements and advertising fabric posted on their timelines during the ballot promotion and mass posts that advertise fake news or are defamatory/objectionable. The three companies, in their interactions with the EC over the onwards months, take part in moreover fixed to monitor the 48-hour ‘silence period’ earlier to polling and make certain that no following advertisements are put up on their websites during this time.
Thirdly, the complete sponsored happy in favour of a biased party, supporting director or contender will pennant the nervous sponsor and the quantity compensated by such sponsor for relocation the pleased on Facebook, Whatsapp (owned by Facebook), Google or Twitter.
The collection by the shared media companies to protect and building block damaging opinionated advertisements is utterly voluntary, with Facebook, chirp and Google having certain EC that they will self-censor following comfort on their websites to associate posts that are adherent as a result as to wake up the level-playing filed or entail destructive campaigning, fake news, not public attacks and seditious content. The group media companies will voluntarily obstruct objectionable hype cloth and advertisements, similar fall them to EC anywhere necessary. though this will be the training through 12 time of the 14-day campaigning window, opinionated advertisements and posts will fully be prohibited during 48 hours prior to polling, in line with the ‘silence’ rule barring campaigning so that the voter can independently decide who to elect.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and Whatsapp will have posts that involve healthy campaigning while negative/personal campaigns or fake news will be blocked. The action shall be completely voluntary and not enforced by EC,” he said.
Significantly, all sponsored political advertisements uploaded on Twitter, Facebook and Google timelines shall be declared by them as “sponsored”, along with name of the sponsor and amount paid for the advertisement. “In this way, there shall be complete transparency in political advertising on the social media,” said CEC Rawat.

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