Some points you should learn from Akshay Kumar on his Birthday

Health Consciousness:

Akshay Kumar is going to be 51 today (his birthday falls on the 9th of September), but looks as if he’s still in his 30′s. This is because, he follows a healthy lifestyle by having a regular fitness regime, going to bed early (10 pm), getting up from it early (4 am), consuming mostly plant-based diet etc. We should learn this from him!

Spending time with family:

Akshay revealed it in a talk show (to Karan Johar in ‘Koffee With Karan’) that, as he gets up as early as 4 am everyday, he completes his work fast during the day and thus gets more free time in the evening. He added that he makes use of that leisure to spend some quality time with his wife and children. We should definitely learn this from Akshay!

Make hay when the sun shines:

Akshay never sits idle or takes long breaks between his movies. He’s one actor who makes use of every opportunity, considers all (atleast most of them) the movies that are offered to him and thus he’s known in the industry for acting in more number of movies in a single year, mostly as the single male lead!

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