On his birthday here are some lesser known facts about Paul Walker

These are some unknown facts about the late, great actor.

  • He was Paul William Walker IV. He was the fourth Paul William in his family. His grandfather, Paul William II, was a professional boxer who went by the name “Irish Billy Walker.”

  • He first showed up at the age of 2.You won’t find this on his IMDb page, but the star was first in front of the cameras for a Pampers commercial at the ripe age of 2. He started working on TV shows in his early teens.

  • He starred in his first movie at 13.The year was 1986 and the movie was a horror/comedy movie called Monster in the Closet. Walker played “Professor” Bennett, a cute kid with glasses.

  • Walker studied marine biology in community college and said that he’d always planned to pursue it as a career before he got famous.

  • It’s unclear how he had time for all of his hobbies, but Walker earned the second-highest achievement in jiu-jitsu and was working his way toward a black belt. He said the sport also helped him to be a better surfer.

  • He founded a disaster relief organization. After visiting Haiti in 2010, after the massive earthquake there, Walker founded Reach Out Worldwide. The organization specializes in providing “basic necessities and medical assistance” to survivors “in the bleakest of circumstances.”

  • He was a race car driver. He didn’t just race in the movies. Walker competed in the Redline Time Attack racing series and was on the AE Performance Team.

  • His face was split horizontally through his nose in the car crash he died.

Nothing in can replace the loss.

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