Nun rape case : Bishop Franco headed to High court for anticipatory bail

Bishop Franco Mulakkal, proceed of the Jalandhar archdiocese of the wide-ranging Church, approached the Kerala far above the ground invite on Tuesday in the hunt for preventative bail in the occurrence in which he is accused of raping a nun.

In her medical problem filed before the Kuravilangad keep watch over locate in Kottayam, Kerala, the nun had alleged that she has been raped and sexually exploited 14-times by the bishop since May 2014. The keep watch over enjoy issued a perceive to the bishop asking him to come out for cross-examination on September 19.

According to the bishop’s petition, the allegations levelled by the nun were “wholly fictitious and cooked up just to do revenge for the action full against the nun on the origin of an assortment of complaints against her. She was impassive from the publicize of care for manager and Kerala in safekeeping on a condition from her cousin and an extra nun. Therefore, she was disadvantageous towards him as she was under the corporation belief that he was the one who had full action against her.”

The bishop alleged he was untruthfully caught up in the case. The moan of the nun was “nothing but a fictional story” and “ cut of a vicious programme to lead to down the Applicant who is asset a enormously penetrating dispatch in the congregation”.

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