Amit shah called Bangladeshi immigrants as “Termites”

BJP president Amit Shah Saturday said “infiltrators” were like “termites” and names of such people will be struck off from the voting list.

“Ye ghuspaithiye, jo desh ko dimak ki tarah chat gaye hai, karodo ki sankhya me ghuse hai, aap mujhe batao, desh me se ghuspaithiyon ko hatana chahte ho ya nahi chahte ho (Crores of infiltrators have entered the country and eaten it like termites. You tell me, do you want to remove infiltrators from the country or not?),” Shah said at a rally at Gangapur City in Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur district.

he said the bjp government had brought the national citizen register to identify the infiltrators.

“mitron ham ghuspaithiyon ko hatane ke liye nrc lekar aye…citizen register lekar aye… challis lakh prathamdrishtya ghuspaithiyon ko chinhit karne ka kaam kiya. agar wo sahi paye jaate hai to unko matdata soochi se nikal denge (friends, we brought the nrc to remove infiltrators…we brought the citizen register. we did the job of identifying 40 lakh people who seem infiltrators preliminarily. if it is found correct, then they will be faraway from voter list),” said shah.

slamming the congress, shah said, “congress has cultivated a brouhaha…they are crying as if their grandmother has died…why brother? are they your cousins? why are you saving them?”

the bjp president said that infiltrators were often involved in incidents, such as blasts, but congress president rahul gandhi was only thinking of vote bank.

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