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#MeToo row Sajid asked me to strip during ‘Himmatwala’ audition : Simran Suri

Performing artist Simran Suri has blamed director Sajid Khan of lewd behavior, making her the fourth lady to level #MeToo allegations against the movie producer.

On Friday, on-screen character Rachel White, collaborator executive Saloni Chopra and writer Karishma Upadhyay had talked about the provocation on account of Khan as India’s #MeToo movement  accumulates force.

“I continued reasoning every one of these years @whitespeaking to discuss this a## @SimplySajidK and what ceased me was that no one would tune in.

He did precisely the equivalent with me while he was throwing for Himmatwala. Called me to his juju house and requesting that I strip,” Simran composed on Twitter.

Speaking to Inquilab Times, she included that Sajid was throwing for 2012’s Himmatwala when he called her for a tryout to his home.

“He was on his treadmill, wearing an undershirt. He stated, ‘See, my body is so great!’ I was asking why a man, who should be in an expert gathering, wearing sandos! I felt extremely odd.

After some time, he requesting that I strip. I was stunned yet he stated, ‘I am the executive. I should see your body’,” she is cited as saying in the report.

She said that Sajid pulled down her best and when she challenged,

requesting that her hold his voice down as his mom was in the adjoining room.

After the #MeToo charges Simran said she cleared out his home and erased his number

While the executive called her once more, she mishandled him and berated him.

After the #MeToo charges against Sajid, performing artist Akshay Kumar reported his choice to drop the shoot of his directorial Housefull 4 until “promote examination”.

Sajid later ventured down as executive of Housefull 4, and tweeted, “In the wake of the claims against me and the weight being put on my family, my maker and the stars of my movie ‘Housefull 4’, I should assume the ethical liability of venturing down from my directorial post, till the time I can relieve the charges and demonstrate reality…

I ask for my companions in the media to merciful not condemn till the fact of the matter is out.”

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