Amazon getting boycott by indians because of the Double standards of celebrity

People of india started a campaign against the e commerce website Amazon as it is associating itself to celebrity Swara Bhaskar.
As the entire nation came together so as bollywood to get justice for asifa and one of the bollywood celebrity Swara bhaskar performed a publicity stunt by showing her fake concern to the victim of Kathua rape case. She posted a photo of her holding a placard in which she blame Hindu dharm and Hinduism for the case without even knowing about the whole case.

She has also performed this type of publicity stunt by taking part in #notinmyname campaign in which she protested against the killing of a minority boy.
These two incidents shows the double standard of such type of celebrities. First they shout #notinmyname and after that they shamelessly mentioning a particular religion for rape. They are being ashamed as they also belong to this religion.

These type of double standards shows they are just famished for fame,these are just publicity stunts for their film promotion.
These type of incidents hurt the religious sentiments of people and they make it look like people of particular religion do these type of things . So people across india are boycotting Amazon as it is associated with such type of shameless celebrities.They have cancelled orders from Amazon ,some of them uninstalled the Amazon app. They are campaigning against it by #BoycottAmazon #UninstallAmazon.

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