Some interesting facts about Subramanian Swamy

First check out some basic details about Dr. Subramanian Swamy :

Date of Birth: 15 September 1939

Father: Sitaram Swamy, a well known mathematician.


Graduation: Bachelors Honours degree in Mathematics from Hindu College Delhi University.

Post Graduation: Master’s degree in Statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

Completed PhD in Economics from Harvard University in 1965.

That means at the age of 26(Incredible).


  • Completed PhD at the age of 26 & started teaching at Harvard.
  • In one of the articles in Mumbai Daily, he wrote : “Muslims don’t believe in voting rights or democracy.”
  • This created a stir & he was expelled from Harvard.
  • He started teaching in Delhi IIT. There he wrote,” india should not follow Nehru’s Soviet model but should give power to private enterprises.”
  • Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. Next day, he was fired from Delhi IIT.
  • He sued Delhi IIT & fought for 18 years & won the case.
  • Then he joined Delhi IIT & within an hour resigned his job. Just to tell the management not to mess with him.
  • Though he did not graduate in Law, he fought himself in the court just by reading law books.
  • At Harvard, an American fellow girl student Roxana challenged him whether he can learn read, write, speak toughest Chinese language.
  • He accepted the challenge & damn, he gained mastery in that language.
  • Later, Roxana married him.
  • He was sent as Ambassador to China several times.
  • It was due to his effort that Chinese authorities opened up Kailash Mansarovar for Indian pilgrims.
  • Ram Jethmalani, one of India’s top lawyers filed 4 criminal defamation cases against Subramanian Swamy & lost all the 4.
  • Later, Ram Jethmalani said to Subramanian Swamy : ” let’s be friends.”
  • Through his contacts at Harvard, he exposed Rahul Gandhi about his false Harvard degree.
  • He proved to then President Dr. Abdul Kalam that Sonia Gandhi had not given up citizenship of Italy and she cannot become PM of India.
  • The President revoked her candidature for ever.

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