Why controversial advertisement of Surf Excel on Holi?

controversial advertisement of Surf Excel on Holi?

Answer may not be Politically correct

but you should read and then judge (if you want to)

They do this always. This is not first time.

Remember Hindustan Unilever advertisement few days ago tried to show Hindus leave their old parents at kumbh.

Really?(we agree some do but are they even 1%)

Did they do statistical analysis about this?

Last year remember Semen filled holi balloon propoganda to demean Holi and men when actually that balloon was thrown by a female friend of the girl.BTW how did they know is that actually a semen?

We agree Advertisement sometimes essential to create reforms.But it is not necessary to always poke this in festivals of particular community.

Why they don’t show similar things during other festivities to create reforms like in Eed ,Mohorum,Christmus.?

Through all these things they try to blame Hindus for everything.

We have seen many Muslims kept Ashifa photo as dp helding Hinduism responsible for unfortunate rape of little girl.(Rapists should be hanged irrespective of background)

But when Pulwama terror attack happened not a single of those people condemn the fidayeen action of terrorist Adil Dar.

All people communalize rape(Yes you all ,so called seculars,liberals also our peaceful community)

But you same people always Say Terrorism has no religion.

(Islam is the root cause of Global Jihad)(U won’t understand now but will understand one day )

Actually for this photo there is anger.

Why controversial advertisement of Surf Excel on Holi?


Why did they try to promote left side ?

(Love Jihad?)

Why didn’t they do this with right side?

(Islam need serious reformation.

This is necessary for future of Humanity


Twitterati are trending #BoycottSurfExcel



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