Saturday, July 20, 2024

Here’s Why the Russian Teachers Are Posting Pics In Swimsuits Online

More often than not, girls are quickly judged by the kind of clothes they wear. People are easily offended by a woman’s choice of clothing and readily label them as “asking for it” if it appears to be “too short” or “revealing”.

A recent victim to this was Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, a 38-year-old Russian literature teacher from the Siberian city of Barnaul.

After posting pictures in a swimsuit and in a dress paired with high heels on social media, Tatiana was sacked by officials. She was forced out of her job after being accused of “dressing like a prostitute” and provoking men to lust after her.

Russian Teachers

According to sources, the pictures were from a winter swimming program Tatiana was a part of. After seeing her pics, a parent complained to the headmistress of the school, accusing the victim of encouraging paedophilia.

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The news has caused an outrage amongst female teachers and has paved the way for a movement wherein teachers from across Russia have taken on social media to post pictures in swimsuits advocating against the officials.

With the hashtag учителятожелюди or “teachers are people too”, hundreds of teachers have joined hands in support of Tatiana.

“We are people too. We do not do this in the classroom. But we are also individuals in our own interests and personal lives!”

“I have never participated in any flashmobs but I can’t go past this. I believe that everyone should have their own personal life.”

“Instead of going after someone else’s life, it’s better to educate your children.”

“I didn’t even think that such photographs could take the attention away from the blackboard and pointer.”

“We can dance, we can relax, have fun and we have this right!”

Maybe it’s high time people stop telling women what to wear and place judgements on what they deem as “inappropriate” clothing and instead monitor their own gaze!

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