A Girl named madhu is raped and burned in Raichur,Her dead body was found hanging.

A girl named Madhu was raped and murdered in Raichur. Madhu was studying in civil engineering college, Raichur. The incident took place on Saturday 13th of April, where she was told to be missing from her college. Later after 3 days, her dead body was recovered on the 16th of April. Her body was found 5-6km away from the college which was half burnt and was hanged to a tree.

However, the police claim this case to be a suicide, as a death note was recovered from the place where the body was found. It stated that she did this because she had a backlog in her previous exam.

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People demand Justice for Madhu On Social Media

Amid the incident, the question arises. Firstly, if she hanged herself, how was the body found to be burnt? Secondly, it is also claimed that she had no backlogs in her recent examinations. Why did she write a suicide note? Or, was she made to do so?

These questions have raised many eyebrows. People in Raichur came to the street and protest against the incident demanding justice for Madhu as they believe that the investigation was intentionally closed, concluding it as a murder.

People believe she was raped, brutally murdered and was forced to write a death note mentioning it as a suicide because she had backlogs.

An online petition was launched by several individuals asking people to support by signing into it. Therefore, it would reach out the possible authorities to impact a clear investigation on this case and punish the found guilty. Follow Twitter with #JusticeForMadhu



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