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Rape Accused Brazil soccer star Neymar denies Rape Charges

Rape Accused Brazil soccer star Neymar denies Rape Charges

Brazil soccer player Neymar has precluded allegations from claiming assault contained in a Sao Paulo police report seen by Reuters, saying he had been the casualty of a blackmail endeavor by a legal advisor professing to speak to the lady he is affirmed to have struck.Rape Accused Brazil soccer star Neymar denies Rape Charges.

The allegation was the most recent blow for the Brazilian, who a month ago was deprived of the captaincy of the national group and has seen his global notoriety endure in the midst of episodes of indiscipline.

The lady claimed that Neymar had unsteadily struck her this month at an upmarket lodging in the French capital, where he plays for the Paris St Germain club.

An announcement issued by Neymar’s administration on his site ( said the 27-year-old forward totally renounced the claims.

“In spite of the fact that he was amazed by the news, the realities were at that point known to the player and his staff, taking into account that a couple of days prior he was the casualty of an endeavored blackmail, polished by a legal advisor from Sao Paulo who said he spoke to the interests of the supposed unfortunate casualty,” read the announcement.

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