Water crisis in Shimla Tourists are appealed to stay away

Himachal Pradesh’s capital city Shimla has been facing a water scarcity for days now. The water shortage has even forced some hotels to cancel tourist bookings as well.

The acute shortage has led to agitation among the locals. Some locals are even asking tourists to stay away from the capital city for some time.

An appeal on social media websites asking tourists to stay away from Shimla this year has gained momentum in the last few days. The reason? Shimla has been reeling from water shortage for several years but the past few months have been far worse than ever before. Rare rainfall during previous monsoon months and much lower precipitation during the winter months has led to the already falling water supply to crumble. Local media reports highlight that residents are having to wait almost a week to get clean water into their homes. Tankers being arranged for hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions too are woefully less than what is required.

“Give Shimla some time to breathe and recover. There is a massive water crisis here. If you love Shimla, please don’t visit,” reads the message circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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