Dehradun : 5 minor boys rape an 8 year old girl after watching porn

Eight-year-old girl in Dehradun was allegedly gang-raped by five minor boys after they watched pornography on a mobile phone.

The alleged gang rape took place in Vikas Nagar area of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

All the accused are aged between nine and 14 years

The victim was playing alone outside her home when the five boys from her neighbourhood took her away to a friend’s home. Local reports suggest that the accused lured her by offering her some chocolates. After taking her inside, the boys allegedly took turns to rape her.

The matter came to light when the girl’s mother noticed she was unusually silent at home. When she asked her about it, the girl recounted the harrowing act.

The parents then approached the police and filed a complaint against the five boys. The cops have seized the mobile phone on which the five watched the pornographic content.

according to their plan, took her to the house of the 10-year-old accused when his family members were out for work.

He said one of them stood guard at the house’s main door while the others raped her. “While they were committing the crime, one of them saw the elder brother of the 10-year-old accused coming towards the house,” said Rathore. He said they then asked the girl to go home.

The traumatised girl stopped speaking after returning home. “The girl refused to have her dinner. Later in the night when her mother insisted that she say what the matter was, she broke down and narrated her ordeal. Next day, her parents informed some of their neighbours and finally decided to lodge a complaint on Sunday evening,’’

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