See the originality of the bollywood, you will be shocked after watching this

1.Chak de India- Miracle

(Marketing can clean up all sins in Bollywood. Propaganda of projecting a shameless copy as a masterpiece of sorts by paid promotion & banking on ignorant fans. It would be different if they just copied the plot but no, most of the key situations are copied- with dialogues just translated in Hindi. Lame)

2.Aakrosh- Mississipi Burning

(Hideous, shameless. Copying just because its a habit. Exchanging racism theme for castism was despicable. Priyadarshan lost it in his bid to reinvent himself)

3.Sarkar- The Godfather

(This movie’s success started the decline of Ram Gopal Verma as he became more delusional & arrogant, his movies now followed the same pattern of loud, pathetic background music,awful songs & fake boasting as real. Kay Kay Menon was great & Abhishek Bachchan was fine too but everything else was so fake & pretentious, yes am mainly talking about Amitabh here.)

4.Sapoot- The Godfather

(You know why the 90s were so awful?! This movie has the answers, the situations are tacky,the acting is handicapped,the action(you have Sunil & Akshay for that but you still get it wrong),the dialogues(abysmal),the production values all are equally awful. Although I did like a couple of melodious songs & hated others, also the background music when Shetty goes on his famous Mohra-killing mode was nice but thats all it has working for it.)

5.Aatank Hi Aatank- The Godfather

(Another painful experience for The Godfather,imagine a movie with Rajinikanth-Aamir Khan-Juhi Chawla & Om Puri in the 90s that nobody remembers! Just watch it to believe it, this one is as bad as it can get.)

6.Chor Machaye Shor- Blue Streak

(Writer- Hey I saw this movie Blue Streak & its so funny, lets make an Indianized version!

Director- Yes sure, lets replace Martin Lawrence with Bobby Deol here, I don’t need Govinda to make my classy movies tolerable at all

And that was probably how this shitty movie got made)

7.Chocolate-Deep,dark secrets —The Usual Suspects

(Not even worthy of reviewing. Good songs & London looked good. Painful to watch if you have seen the original. Bad acting & bad writing combined, of course the direction was laughable too)

8.Farz-In the line of fire from Lethal Weapon & French Connection 2

(You must be doing something extremely wrong when you copy to really great movies by adding them up to make a really bad movie. Sunny Deol can’t match Mel Gibson or Gene Hackman in any way.Preity Zinta only makes the film boring, she looks too young for Sunny. Om Puri tries hard in a badly written role but can’t escape the limitations. Music sucks. The only plus point was Jackie Shroff as the suave villaim who tries to save this movie.)

9.Musafir- U-Turn

(Soulless effort. Good music & the actors look good. But the movie is painfully bad. Almost arrogamt of being awful. Blame totally on Sanjay Gupta)

10.Black – Miracle Worker

(Another case of using propaganda for advantage. Fake reviews & paid journalism worked woneers for this. Just watch the original & then judge for yourself. A movie based on a sensitive subject remade after 4 decades & still can’t be progressive. Shameful. Credit to some performances but in no way this is a good remake or good movie & thats why it has lost admiration with time, can’t even see people mentioning this where as back then it was hailed as the greatest movie ever. Thats how Bollywood propaganda tricks minds & Bhansali is the most ruthless of them all.)

11.Bichoo- Leon The Professional

(Another copy that could not be adapted well as per Bollywood masala. Completely killing the bond between a hitman & a teen by trading it for Bollywold masala romance was really something special. Awful remake)

12.Kyunki…Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta – Liar-Liar

(Credit to Govinda for being even better than the one and only Jim Carrey here. But the painfully long movie with a confused approach did not work at all, throw in needless songs to make the movie long & it really tested the audiences that way.)

13.Prince – The Bourne Identity

(Rejected by everyone, this awful remake of The Bourne Identity deserves no praise at all.)

14.GOD Tussi Great Ho – Bruce Almighty

(The original was fun, the remake was so bad it gave audiences a headache & thankfully got rejected. This was a calamity level of torture.)

15.Shivaay- Taken

16.Mardaani- Taken

(You need brains to work it even if its the best idea. Bollywood simply could not resist copying Taken & it got the viewers 2 very different forms of torture in Shivaay & Mardaani. Can’t say much for Mardaani which was bad but not too bad but Shivaay had a really good show from the lovely kid Abigail but her good work was hurt by some of the most stupid writing that only Bollywood can encourage.)

17.Baaghi- A Bronx Tale

(This was really bad. “Josh” turned out to be much better although still a painful remake, it was nothing compared to Baaghi.)


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