After seeing this you will feel sad please Say no to plastic, think about others

Hold your hat!

It’s not a prank.

This is neither funny nor amusing.

The problem is plastic.

Let’s start.

Last but not least..

This makes me sad and angry at the same time. We are working full out to destroy Mother Earth.

Ocean plastic contaminates our water, and destroys plant and animal life.

Do you feel the pain? Really?

Plastic straw removed from turtle’s nose by marine biologists in heartbreaking video


I don’t know what to say. And you?

Awful. This is a Greenpeace project to draw attention to the plastic problem.

We have a plastic problem.

Sorry that’s wrong.


While it literally destroys our beautiful planet, we keep producing more and more of it.


Dear Mother Earth,

please forgive us.

Most of us, don’t even realize the problem. That is sad…

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