KSI vs LOGAN PAUL FIGHT : Everything you need to know about press conference held in UK

The much anticipated boxing fight between KSI and Logan Paul, as well as ComedyGamer vs Jake Paul is set to be streamed on YouTube – but it will cost $8 (£6) to watch, using a Pay-Per-View (PPV) model.

The first ever YouTube boxing fight, between KSI and Joe Weller was live streamed on YouTube for free, and peaked at well over one million concurrent viewers, and it was expected to smash that figure this time around.

However, if they want to do so they will need to hope fans are willing to cough up the cash to get access to the official streams, which will be broadcast on the fighters’ respective channels.

Between them the four YouTubers have over 70 million subscribers across their channels, but the majority of their content is completely free to watch, so it will be a test if they can convince viewers to pay for this event.

The main issue this causes is it increased the likelihood of ‘illegal’ streams, where users will rebroadcast the stream on other hosting sites, stealing away viewers and revenue from the official channels.

Despite the event being hyped up as the biggest event in YouTube history, having the content behind a paywall will certainly put some viewers off, either prompting them to watch an unofficial stream, or not watch at all.

KSI first broke the news that it would be PPV by tweeting a link to the official stream following the UK press conference on July 18th. The link requires payment to access the video, with the message ‘This live event is available pay-per-view.’

In addition to the livestream for the event, fans can also attend in person at the Manchester Arena, with tickets starting at around £30, and going all the way up to over £500 ($650) for the VIP package.

Fans quickly noticed that they would also have to pay to watch even from the comfort of their own home, and many were less than happy about the paywall.

Why Is KSI Fighting Logan Paul?

Following KSI’s knockout victory over Joe Weller in his first boxing match at London’s Copper Box back in January 2018, he called out Logan Paul, Jake Paul or any other Paul and that’s what sparked the whole thing.

When Is The KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight?

There will actually be two KSI vs Logan Paul fights. The first will take place on 25th August 2018 in the UK, whilst the second fight is scheduled for February 2019 and will take place at an undecided venue in the US.

How Can I Get KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight Tickets & How Much Will They Cost?

Given that it’s the most highly anticipated live YouTube event of all time, intrest in going to watch the KSI Vs Logan Paul fight at the Manchester Arena is likely to be intense and tickets will be in high demand.

Prices for tickets range between £34 – £516 depending on where you sit and extra tickets have been added, including VIP packages!

How Much Money Will KSI & Logan Paul Make From Their Fight?

Whilst exact figures are not available just yet, it’s likely that the pair will make millions from stepping into the ring. With sponsors sure to swarm over the fight in an attempt to cash in on the pair’s popularity, we’re expecting some serious cash to be made here.

Logan has already hit out at KSI and his manager Stuart Jones as they claimed to be splitting the money 50/50 with Logan, something which he but KSI revealed the full contract in a fiery response which revealed exactly how the two deal figh would be split.

When Is The KSI vs Logan Paul Press Conference?

After an initial head to head in Los Angeles at their very first pre-fight press conference, KSI and Logan Paul are getting on stage to meet face to face once more, this time in historic Lonndon boxing venue York Hall.

The Bethnal Green haunt has been the scene of some of UK boxing’s most legendary fights over the years, so it’ll be a special venue to see both KSI and Logan discussing their thoughts on the fight.

Will KSI’s Brother Deji Fight Logan’s Brother Jake Paul?

Both KSI and Logan Paul have younger brothers and there are strong calls for the pair of them to step into the ring against each other on the undercard of KSI & Logan’s fight.

KSI’s brother Deji has called Jake out in a number of YouTube videos and now Jake has finally responded and confirmed that he will indeed be fighting Deji!

The fight looks set to take place on the undercard of the KSI vs Logan fight in August and Jake has even suggested that the winners of the two fights should battle against each other in the ultimate showdown.

Who Is Promoter For The KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight?

Whilst the contracts show that UK company Nemedis and American company Team Logan will retain profits from ticket sales etc, people have been asking about who will be promoting the fight.

It turns out UFC President Dana White was involved in putting the fight together and having built the biggest MMA brand in the world, he knows a thig or two about promoting fights. Dana White revealed his input to the fight in an interview recently…

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