Friends Break Their Silence on Demi Lovato Overdose

Five days after Demi Lovato’s overdose and subsequent hospitalization, one of her backup dancers has broken her silence to ask fans to be considerate of the people in the pop star’s life.

Taking to Instagram Sunday, Dani Vitale reminded her followers, “I care about Demi just like all of you do.

I have not said anything about this situation now because her recovery has been of the most importance.

I was not with Demi when the incident happened, but I am with her now, and will continue to be because she means to the world to me just as she does to all of you.

Like all of you, I have nothing but love in my heart for her. There is no need for any negativity towards the ones who care about Demi at this time. There is too much of it in this world as it is.”

One of Lovato’s best friends, Dead Boys actor Matthew Scott Montgomery, also broke his silence on Lovato’s relapse via Instagram Stories Sunday.

“It’s been an incredibly difficult few days, and this year has easily been the hardest I’ve ever experienced,” he wrote. “I couldn’t figure out what felt weirder—posting or not posting about this.” With Lovato in the hospital, he added, “I will miss hearing my best friend’s laugh, maybe my favorite sound in the world, in the audience for these final shows as she continues to recover.” Montgomery dedicated his final shows to Lovato, thanking his followers for their “love and support during this very hard time.”

Sirah, a rapper and member of Lovato’s inner circle, said on Instagram Stories that the criticism she’s faced in light of her “grandma, sister and BFF’s” hospitalization is “wildly unnecessary.”

She continued, “I hope everyone will focus their energy into more productive things because God knows we need good energy being put forth into the world during a time like this. If I return back to the internet in the next few days as I try to continue on with my life, I hope that you guys will be able to understand that no matter what has happened this week it is important for me to live my life so I don’t also end up in the hospital [with] a mental breakdown.”

Vitale, who is part of Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me World Tour, said she understands fans are concerned about the singer. “I know you’re all feeling lost without her at this moment in time,” she added. “Remember that you have always been a community of Lovatics who LOVE. Please remember that when you take out your phones and start typing. Remember that we all love her more than we can ever put into words. Please continue to send her love during her recovery.”

Yesterday, a source told Inquilab Times Lovato is “getting better” after her overdose, thanks in larger part to the support she’s been receiving from her family and ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

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