You can’t see them with nacked eyes. Take a look, you will be surprised after seeing #7

“Microscopic images”

This is how a Guitar string under microscope looks.

Grass under a microscope is so happy 🙂

Mold on Tomato

Foot of common house fly

Toothbrush bristles

Strawberry seeds

Cake sprinkles

Filament of the lightbulb

Volvox algae releasing its daughter cells

Closeup view of Human eye

Split end of Human hair

Head of Tapeworm

Axons in an embryonic chick ciliary ganglion.

Ballpoint pen

Plastic fracturing on credit card hologram.

Butterfly eggs

Instant coffee granules

Shark’s skin

Human eyebrows

Salt and pepper

Sea cucumber’s skin

Mosquito’s Toe

A Banana

Blue bottle fly larva

Blood clot

Single drop of seawater

Human tongue

Orange juice




Needle and thread


Happy reading 🙂

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