Liam Payne FINALLY opens up on Cheryl split in new EP

Liam Payne is loving the single life, if two of the tracks on his new EP are anything to go by.

While his newly found bachelorhood has been playing out in the media, with him being linked to a couple of different women and having been seen getting cosy with others at the VMAs, he seems to have touched on it in on the new EP too.

The first two tracks on the record, First Time and Home With You, appear to be about him going on the pull.

First Time features French Montana with has a Latino hip hop vibe, and sees Liam singing about a girl who’s put a spell on him.

Cairo Dwek, the model he was spotted holding hands with in Lake Como, perhaps?

Girl you a savage, you ain’t a lady,’ he sings. ‘I can’t stop thinking about the first time, it’s like you put a spell on me.’

‘I’m trying to fight it, get you in private, brush up behind you,’ French sings. Steamy. Cheryl, stop listening now.

Liam also sings about the girl playing hard to get, and tells her not to fake it. Not surprising he hates that after he recently spoke about how much he likes sex.

‘I like sex,’ he declared, in an interview with Total Access. ‘So what better way than to musically express myself as a young man growing up. I’m into it. I like it. It’s good.’

In the second track, Home With You, he’s trying to convince a girl to take him home, but her friends clearly don’t like him so he attempts to get her on her own.

‘I want to go home with you,’ he boldly tells her. ‘We can do whatever you want to, come on set the mood.’ His chat up lines need some work, quite frankly.

It’s catchy AF though so no wonder something like this might have worked on Cairo Dwek and Maya Henry, both of whom he’s been linked to of late.

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