Here are some psychological hacks which can boost your productivity

  1. After your first alarm goes off in the morning you only need 5 seconds to change your day, if you get up within 5 seconds you will achieve your day if you do not then you will be tired your whole day.
  2. If you complete 40 to 50% of your day schedule till 12 noon of that day then you will be more energetic and can easily achieve day goals for coming minimum 3 days. It is close to eating the frog technique.
  3. If you can think about your goals and smile for atleast 5 times a day thinking about it everyday, there are more chances that you may achieve it.
  4. The situation you are in right now is because of 90% of your visualization in the past at some point of time put together. So start better visualization for better future.
  5. Even if you think you are at your worst, someone will always think you are still better so never loose hope. Other side of the grass is always greener.
  6. While making a plan for study, goals, dreams etc if you have concrete figures incorporated in the plan you are 80% close to achieve them.
  7. The world you see around you is not what actually it is but what actually you imagine it to be.
  8. Free things are not valued, hence always charge for your time as well.
  9. You will always need validation of your thoughts from others for moving ahead in life so write down your important thoughts in your diary and come back after 3 days and visit again if that thought still feels the same then go ahead you won’t need any more validation.
  10. If you could think even for a moment that the exam you wish to clear can be cleared easily, then you are already ahead of those 51% people who will be appearing the same.
  11. If you think you are an average person then you are only 3 steps behind the best.
  12. If you start believing others about the things which favours you initially then you subconsciously give more power to them to manipulate yourself later in your difficult times.
  13. Never compare your ideal figure about yourself with your real self, you will get demotivated. Simply just don’t forget your imaginative perfect self until you actually start overlapping your real world with it.
  14. Visualization is the greatest power a human has, if thinking about becoming a billionaire thrills you or having those Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or Jaguar makes you float in the air then it is an indication that you are near to achieve them.
  15. The term psychological hacks is such an amazing word that you can choose what you like and believe what you want without backing up or knowing whether those are even true or not.

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