These secrets of hot Hollywood actresses will blow your mind

  • Demi Moore’s Beauty Secret is Snail Facial- Yup! You heard that right. Snail facials is the secret behind your favourite celebrity’s perfect skin. The slime excreted by the snails is rich in antioxidants that keeps free radicals at bay. This ensures that your skin is smooth and wrinkle-free. Evergreen Hollywood beauty, Demi Moore, is known to indulge in leech facials to maintain her youthful glow.

  • Sophie Turner(Lady Sansa Stark) is allergic to horses – According to the GOT actress, she has always been asthmatic. She bloats and has trouble breathing around horses, which is why she always carries an inhaler on set.

  • Scarlett admitted her biggest sexual thrill is sex on the back seat of a car. She said:” I love it. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind, wanting something crazy and kinky, the back seat would be it.”

  • Cameron Diaz Has A Past In Adult Movies, she had previously shot a bondage movie named She’s No Angel: Cameron Diaz(1992)

  • Emma Watson’s hobby is self-portrait painting – The actress’s house is full of unusual curiosities and paintings of her own creation, which are just as beautiful and elegant as those of renowned artists.

  • Nicole Kidman once made $3.71 million in 2 minutes –This commercial is considered to be the longest in the industry’s history: it cost a little under $11 million, and the entire 2 minutes were devoted to the leading actress.

  • The ultimate glamour girl, Marilyn Monroe was more famous for her other, ahem, assets than her cooking prowess, but biographers say Monroe was on the forefront of the health-food movement. Plus, the curvy beauty was one of the first famous females known to routinely lift weights.

  • Marilyn Monroe did nude photo shoots (when she was still known as Norma Jean)

  • Kristen Stewart got caught by the paparazzi while kissing the face off Snow White and the Huntsmandirector Rupert Sanders, leading to the inevitable breakup of her and Robert Pattinson.

  • Actresses Normally Starve Before Award Shows , Jennifer Lawrence confirmed she starved herself of food throughout award season, knowing the world’s press would be there ready to scrutinize her figure, Actress Naomi Watts also confirmed the fad

  • Gwendoline Christie is the tallest actress in Hollywood at 6′3′’

  • Denise Richardsonce said that she had a lesbian experience with another female celebrity (Reportedly superwomen actress) . She said: “I just met her through friends and work and stuff. I was curious. We were curious.”

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