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Rahul Gandhi claimed demonetization as biggest scam of Modi’s government

In a 15-km roadshow in poll- spring Madhya Pradesh, council head Rahul Gandhi on Monday termed the demonetisation as the “biggest scam” of the Modi direction to convince black funds into white.

Mr. Gandhi seized the four-hour-long highway show off after drama ‘puja’ and intriguing blessings from 11 priests.

Rahul addresses shared meeting

After the highway show, Mr. Gandhi addressed a broadcast meeting, during which he attacked the Modi management over demonetisation, GST, Rafale fighter agreement and farmhouse advance waiver.

“Demonetisation was the leading con that the authority of major Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken in four living which the parliament had not ready in the final 70 years,” the house director thought at the BHEL Dusshera Maidan.

Mr. Modi had on November 8, 2016 announced demonetisation, under which the ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 currency comments on hand it follows that were scrapped with burning effect.

“The swindle was intended at captivating out funds from the miniature traders to put into the pockets of 15 richest people of the country,” Mr. Gandhi alleged.

Waived loans of 15 gigantic industries’

He claimed that the BJP-led rule has waived loans attraction ₹ 1.5 lakh crore which was the NPA of 15 deep industries.

He questioned why the loans of farmers, who “have on loan only ₹ 5000”, might not be waived.

“Those who took loans in lakhs and crores were called as ‘Non-Performing Assets (NPA)’, but as soon as a grower fails to reimburse ₹ 5000 loan, you period him as ‘defaulter’,” Mr. Gandhi said.


Describing GST (Goods and armed forces Tax) as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’, Mr. Gandhi alleged that it besides was an make an attempt to succeed out currency from the miniature traders for putting into the purloin of 15 richest people of India.

On Rafale deal

“When I was raising the Rafale deal issue in Parliament, I asked Modiji why his government has purchased these planes in ₹ 1600 crore in place of ₹ 700 crore, why he had given the contract to a company owned by Anil Ambani,” Mr. Gandhi said.

Mr. Ambani has already rejected Rahul Gandhi’s allegations and emphasised that the government had no role in the Rafale-manufacturer French company Dassault picking up his company as a local partner.

“I was looking into Modiji’s eyes. But he was looking right, left, up and down and never established an eye contact on the issue,” Mr. Gandhi claimed.

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