Saturday, July 20, 2024

Man attacked by his gay partner for refusing 2nd round of SEX

A 46-year-old was attacked with a sharp-edged iron rod by his 23-year-old partner after an argument broke out between the couple regarding second round of sex. The accused was arrested on Thursday

Pune: A 46-year-old gay businessman was allegedly attacked by his 23-year-old partner using a sharp weapon. The accused was arrested by Pune city Police on Thursday under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code(IPC) for attempting to murder the complainant. The incident reportedly occurred in the morning on Wednesday at the victim’s residence situated under the jurisdiction of Khadak police station.

In his recorded statement, the businessman mentioned that he was in a consensual sexual relationship with the accused for a couple of years. He, however, was clueless as to why was he attacked this time, added Rathod.

A Khadak police station official revealed that both the men had been in a relationship for quite a few years and it was on Tuesday night, the complainant’s residence was visited by the accused where they performed sexual intercourse. The next morning when the businessman wanted to have sex again, he was denied by the accused for the same and that led to the outbreak of a fight between the two, he added.

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