They (INC) want to rule India for eternity by keeping us poor : Vishnu Vardhan

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The art of creating a scam where none exists

Science says you can’t create something out of nothing
But looks like it is possible only in India

Pappu Presstitutes and Pidis caught pants down once again in fake Rafale scam news

The moment I read this news
I got it that it will be a fake news manufactured in Sam Pitrodas factory in Europe

The Indian correspondent of LeMonde #jubouissou who first peddled this fake news skimming it from an unknown French Blog #MediaPart is a known rabid hinduphobic Modi hater and supporter of UrbanNaxals

You just need to skim through his twitter time line to see what kind of news he peddles

It will be full of Anti Hindu and Anti modi news
It looks like French version of Jihadika Ghost or Burqa Butt twitter account

When the source of a news is such a source
You need to wait for some time to see how the drama plays out

And as I suspected every Pidi and Presstitute made it viral as if Ex French President Hollande came on Live TV and said
We gave Rafale deal to Anil Ambani as Modi held a gun to my head

Such coordinated viral spread of news happens only in preplanned conspiracy
It can’t be natural

Pappu tweeted 1.30 lakh crore scam
While the fact is he started saying Rafale is 36000 Cr scam and I donno how it jumped 5 times in less than 5 months
And Anil Ambani is one of 100 companies Dassault has a deal with and his company contract is only to assemble jets and not to manifacture any thing
Whenever Dynasty has done Defence deals – they always involved middle men who have become Billionaires
They never asked the companies to invest in defence manufacturing in India
So we are still importing weapons though we are worlds third largest army and have technology to build space ships and moon missions
Dynasty wanted it that way

Rafale is first deal where Govt has told the company to invest in defence manufacturing in India
87000 Cr worth investment will happen in India

It is first Govt to Govt contract without any middlemen like Quatrochi

But still the Crook like Pappu with help Of Presstitute has been able to manufacture a scam out of nothing

It is not just bad news for Modi
But bad news for India

Which country will invest in India where you can create such fake controversies which can even spread to your own borders

Which company will invest in India when a motley group of naxals and cryptos can close a company like Sterlite which makes 40 percent of India’s copper ??

If we don’t get investment how will we create jobs for millions of Indians ???

China is superpower today as everyone wants to invest in China as the Chinese Govt can guarantee the safety of investment

In India Govt is just a hapless victim in the hands of MiLords Marxists Mullahs Missionaries all backed up by Dynasty and Lootyens ecosystem

They want to rule India for eternity by keeping us poor

Modi who got no family and has 48,000 ₹ cash in hand doesn’t need to help any Ambani Adani or Tata Birla and put this integrity at stake

I feel it is foolishness to even contemplate such news let alone believe it

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