See who claimed allegations of #metoo against YO YO Honey Singh

After the allegations of molestation and misbehavior against many bollywood celebrities and famous writers ,name of famous singer and rapper YoYo Honey Singh is now included in this list.

As we all know that #metoo movement is spreading like fire in India and it has burnt down various famous actors like Alok Nath , Nana Patekar , directors like Vikas Bahl , Subhash Ghai and also editor of The Wire Vinod Dua and also famous writer Chetan Bhagat.

Now this list has extended and name of Honey Singh is also included in this list. A girl named Urvasi Urvasi alleged Honey Singh for molestation and she mentioned how Honey misbehaved and molested her.

Here is her confession

I, Urvasi Urvasi , I am 24 year old and my father’s name is A R Rahman. I belong to Humse Hai Muqabala’s Family. At the time of my birth, I came up as an blockbuster and cult classic.

Everyone praised me and even now many people are crazy for me and are great fan of mine. There are only highs and highs in my entire carrier, as i also debut in Australian movie Lion (2016 film).

But recently this man who is known for his abusive songs and shitty raps Mr Honey Singh misbehaved with me and also molested me. He along with Shahid and Kiara Advani totally thrashed me. As from my name you can get this, that I am hindu follower and being a punjabi He used Mashaallah a urdu word to exploit me, who is a hindu and also this might be create a communal dispute between hindus and muslims.

I belong to a very sophisticated family and now he changed my lyrics ,my sole. He replaced them with some shitty words and rap. Also he use sexy in context of describing me which has hurted me and my family deeply. I also like to mention about the videography, as they use a very poor plot for the song and copied Marvel’s logo.

Please support me and help me. Also please boycott such singers who are exploting me and my fellow friends.


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