How to wear a condom properly, especially for the first time users. Must read

Please don’t ignore the importance of Condoms!!!

A lot of Couples have unplanned children, due to the mistakes while having sexual intercourse. Lack of knowledge about usage of condom can ruin your life one day, for those who want to have pre-marital sex but want to play it safe.

These are some Common condom mistakes to avoid:

  • Blindly wearing a condom, without checking for damage

In the excitement to get hot and sweaty with your lady, many men forget to check for signs of damage in the condom they will be using. The damage can be minute tears or holes. Even these tiny damages can put you or your partner at huge risk.
Hence, play safe and always check your condom before wearing it on. The damage can also take place, if you are using your teeth or your sharp fingernails to open the packet. Always open the packet carefully.

How to Check a Condom

  • Late usage of a condom

Many men do a very common mistake of putting the condom on after the intercourse has already begun. By, doing this you can put yourself at various sexual diseases. Always, put on the condom, before beginning the act of intercourse. If you avoid this common mistake, you will definitely cut down the risk of STDs.

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  • Early removal

Several men commit the silly mistake of removing the condom before actually finishing intercourse. A condom is supposed to be worn until the end of the intercourse and if you take it off too early, then it actually equals to not wearing a condom. So, make the maximum use of a condom and leave it on till you are done with the intercourse.

  • Reusing the same condom

Though it may sound odd but many men actually at times, use the same condom at least more than once. Guys, stop this. Condoms are a use and throw material item.
If you keep on repeating the same condom during an intercourse, then you are increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. By using the same condom, semen can stick to the outer surface of the condom and can be least effective plus it is unhygienic as well.

  • Failure to remove air at the tip

Men fail to remove air at the tip of the condom. While wearing a condom, make sure to leave some gap at the tip of the condom so that your semen can get collected. Besides, air at the tip of the condom is supposed to be squeezed out before wearing a condom to avoid breakage during ejaculation.

  • Storing condoms in a bad place

You just can’t keep condoms in your wallet and just flip it out during sex. A condom should be stored in a cool and dry place as storing your condom in a wrong place can make it less effective and dry. This will not only be hard to put on and uncomfortable to use but it will also be unsafe.

  • Fetish for flavored condoms

If you are planning to use a flavored condom while having vaginal sex, then you should rethink the idea. Almost all flavored condoms contain sugar which can cause yeast infections. Vaginas, have a superb bacteria-fighting system but if this system is encountered by any foreign chemicals, it can cause some damage.

  • Not checking the expiration date

Guys, before putting on a condom always check for its expiry date. Though a condom’s expiration date can be upto 5 years, it is your duty to read the fine-print on the paper for your and your partners safety.

  • Wearing on the wrong side

Many men end up wearing the condom upside down. This mistake not only takes place with first time users, but also with men who has used it several times. If you wear your condom upside down and then remove it to wear it the right way, then actually it is of no use.If you correct your mistake by wearing the same condom again the effectiveness of the condom will be lost. The reason is that the pre-ejaculatory fluids that stick to the outside of the condom can easily come in contact with your partner and thus increasing the risk of STDs and pregnancy.

  • Faulty opening tactics

Never use any sharp object to open your condom packet. If you use a sharp object, the chances of your condom getting scratched or damaged is very high. Condoms are delicate and even a minor damage can be life altering.. Hence, open it carefully always.

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