Cardi B Ditches Engagement Ring Plus,she also stopped following him on Instagram!

Cardi B just made her split with Offset even more official, as she was photographed WITHOUT her engagement ring. Plus,she also stopped following him on Instagram!

We know Cardi B and Offset, both 26, already broke up, but now that she’s been pictured without her engagement ring on, our hopes for any sort of a reconciliation are dwindling. Could it really be over for these two? It sure looks like it. Cardi B was pictured walking into Madison Square Garden Friday night (Dec. 7) for her iHeartRadio Jingle Ball performance and she made sure to show off her now very bare left hand for the paparazzi as she walked by them. If you ask us, it seems as though she was trying to send Offset a message that their relationship is definitely over. Heck, maybe she was even sending a message to future suitors that she’s single and ready to mingle! (Now’s your chance, Chris Brown.)

Cardi B was seen wearing her 8-carat, $550K ring as recently as November, when she attended a Pandora event in NYC, but now it’s gone. As we told you earlier this week, Cardi B announced her split with Offset late Tuesday evening, Dec. 4, saying they’re likely heading for a divorce. TMZ even claims Cardi B is no longer following her ex on Instagram, so considering these new developments, we’d have to venture a guess and say Cardi B is still angling for that divorce.

Oh and did we forget to mention that Cardi B put up her middle finger while rapping about Offset, while on stage at Jingle Ball? Yeah, she did that too. Like we said, don’t hold your breath for a reconciliation. It doesn’t look like these two will ever get back together. At least not anytime in the near future!

Take a close look at the photo above. Not only has Cardi B ditched her ring, but she has a huge smile on her face too. And side note: while Cardi B only wore an engagement ring, she and Offset secretly got married just over a year ago. They also share a 5-month-old daughter, Kulture.

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