Sitaram Yechury re-elected as CPI(M) general secretary for a second term.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) re-elected Sitaram Yechury as the party’s general secretary for a second term on Sunday, bringing its 22nd Congress in Hyderabad to an end.
This is the second win for Yechury in as many days. His chances of being re-elected to the post had brightened with the party endorsing his political-tactical line, paving the way for an “understanding” with the Congress for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
His election to the post for the second time was approved by the Left party’s newly-elected 95-member Central Committee.

The CPI(M) leadership has been divided over the matter, with Yechury in favour of an alliance and Karat firmly opposed to it. In January, Yechury offered to resign from his position after the Central Committee accepted Karat’s view and rejected his proposal.

Some of Yechury’s supporters even called for a secret ballot to vote on the matter during the ongoing congress. But, Karat opposed the move, saying that the party constitution does not allow such a vote.

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