People are thrashing Bollywood’s famous choreographer Saroj Khan on her comment on casting couch

Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan has triggered a massive row after she defended casting couch in film industry with a bizarre justification. When she was questioned about her views on casting couch, she gave an absurd justification and said that at least it provides livelihood.

The veteran choreographer also asked a bizarre question, justifying her casting couch logic that why film fraternity is being targeted when netas do it too.

“Can I tell you one thing? This has been going on since the beginning of time. It hasn’t started now. Someone or the other tries to take advantage of every girl. The government’s people do it too. then why are you after the film industry? It provides livelihood at least. The men here does not rape and leave you,” said Saroj Khan giving shocking justification for casting couch.

“It depends on the girl, what she wants to do. If you don’t want to fall in wrong hands, you won’t. If you have talent, why would you sell yourself? Don’t take the film industry’s name, it is everything for us,” she added.

Saroj Khan’s bizarre logic comes at a time when more and more female voices are coming out to defeat this venomous practice of using girls in lieu of giving them a better role, job or livelihood. A few days ago several Tamil actresses came out and talked about the issue of casting couch, which was later joined by voices from Pakistan, where female actress and artistes accused a popular singer for harassing them.

Her comment spread like
Fire and he veteran choreographer recieved a lot of flake for her statement.However,saroj khan has now issued a apology for the same on a national news channel

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