Bahujan Azad Party -Another blossoming flower in the Indian Political Jungle.

BAP has been formed by the efforts of 50 IIT aluminis who primarily belong the unprivileged section (read SC/ST/OBC) of the society .

When I first saw the headline, I became excited. Youth coming forward and joining politics is something I appreciate very much.

When I read the whole news, my excitement turned into dissappointment. They will follow the same stupid caste politics pursued by current leaders. That too from being a reputed institution like IIT. People like me always think of them as supreme minds of the country but this is what they offered. Why fight for people castewise. Why not fight for poor irrespective of caste, religion, gender.

70 years on, if they think backward communities are still being discriminated, then surely the quota system/ reservations have failed. Yet they are demanding more quota. Instead of talking about development, worthy engineers are dividing the society further.

They have failed to understand that Development is the key to all these discriminations. You provide job, livelihood to people, and everything will fall in place. At my workplace we have people from different regions, caste and religions. We work together, eat together hangout together without any problem.

If dividing the society for quota can solve the discrimination problem, this would have happened years ago.

One of the reasons cited was that they are not given good projects which is hollow enough. Quota system was started to provide a platform to people who were left behind. You were selected for IIT and yet you are not satisfied thats insane. Many people around me were not given their favourite projects, could not make to favourite colleges but thats life. Once oppurtunity is provided it is upto you to fight and cherish your dreams. System cannot support you in every aspect of your life.

After Quota in jobs and admissions, there is quota in promotions. Further demand would be quota in appraisals and so on.

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