Model Says Skirt Pulled By Men On Indore Road,Molesters Say ‘Show What’s Underneath’

The woman from Indore recounted the incident on Twitter, describing how she had an accident while fending off two men on a motorcycle who were harassing her.

The motorbike-borne men demanded to know “what was under her skirt’, she alleged, as they reached for her skirt. When she tried to stop them, she lost control over her Activa and fell to the ground, bleeding. Adding insult to injury, one of the elderly men who came forward to help the girl even claimed that all this happened just because the girl was wearing a skirt, she said.

The incident has left her “numb and speechless”, she said in the Twitter thread.

“It happened on one of the busiest roads of Indore, and nobody tried to stop them. They ran away, and I couldn’t even see their number. I’ve never felt so helpless. I’m not the kind of girl who will just sit and watch. Those fiends (sic) ran away, and I couldn’t do anything,” she wrote on Twitter.

The model though made it clear that what she wears is her choice.

“What I want to wear is my fucking choice. Those guys don’t have any right to harass me because WEARING A SKIRT DOESN’T GIVE YOU A RIGHT TO BEHAVE LIKE THAT. An uncle who came to help me after my fall said, “it’s because you’re wearing a skirt!” I’ve never been so offended,” she wrote on Twitter.

The woman went back to the spot and asked passersby if they saw the men. There were no CCTV cameras in the area. “They are roaming free and happy that they did it and got away with it. I will file a police complaint. I don’t know if they will be able to find those guys, but if I don’t do it right now, it defeats my purpose,” she tweeted.

“I want to thank everyone who has come forward to support me. I’m just an ordinary girl, and I needed my story to be heard. Not just for me, but also for all those girls who didn’t dare to do the same,” said the woman in a tweet.

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