Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi visited Car Nicobar today

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, visited Car Nicobar today.

He laid a wreath at the Tsunami Memorial, and lit a candle at the Wall of Lost Souls.

He interacted with Tribal Chiefs and eminent sportspersons from the islands.

At a public meeting, he inaugurated the ITI at Arong, and a Modern Sports Complex.

He also laid the Foundation Stone for Shore Protection Work near Mus Jetty, and Extension of Campbell Bay Jetty.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister spoke of the great natural beauty, culture, tradition and art of the Islands. Speaking of the family and collective traditions of the Islands, he said this has been a strength of Indian society, over the years.

The Prime Minister spoke of his visit to the Tsunami memorial – Wall of Lost Souls – just before arriving for this function. He appreciated the people of the Nicobar Islands for their spirit and hard work in rebuilding the islands after the tsunami.

He said the projects unveiled today would go a long way in developing sectors such as education, health, employment, skill development, transportation, power, sports and tourism.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed his Government’s determination to not leave anyone, or any part of the country behind, in the march towards development. He said the aim is to reduce distances, and develop a sense of closeness in hearts.

He said the work for the sea wall, once completed, will help protect the island of Car Nicobar. He said the ITI would help empower the youth of the island, with skills. Speaking of the sporting prowess of the youth of Nicobar Islands, the Prime Minister said that the modern sports complex would help them hone their skills. He said more sports infrastructure would be added in future.

The Prime Minister said that the Union Government is working towards improving ease of living for the people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He spoke of the expansion of healthcare facilities on the Islands.

The Prime Minister said that the effort is to undertake development work while preserving the environment and local culture.

In the agricultural sector, the Prime Minister spoke of the increase in support price of Copra. He said the government is working towards empowering those engaged in the fisheries sector. He said a sum of Rs. 7000 crore has recently been approved for making the fisheries sector in the country more profitable. He said the areas of the country that are near the sea, can become centres of our blue revolution. He said seaweed farming is being encouraged, and fishermen are getting financial assistance for procuring modern boats. He said India is making concerted efforts to harness solar energy. In this context he mentioned the International Solar Alliance. He said areas contiguous to the sea have tremendous potential for renewable energy generation. He mentioned efforts being made in Car Nicobar, in this direction.

The Prime Minister said this entire region of the Nicobar Islands, and the nearby Malacca Strait, is important from the point of view of both resources and security. He said suitable transportation infrastructure is being developed, keeping this in mind. He spoke of the development work being done for the Campbell Bay Jetty, and the Mus Jetty.

The Prime Minister reiterated his Government’s commitment to the development of the Islands.

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