Read THREE blows that BJP has suffered since it assumed power in 2014 in Center

It was the greatest blunder of BJP in recent years, which may cost them hugely in future.

BJP has seen many successes after their victory in 2014 Parliamentary elections.

They have been sweeping one state after another and there was no one who seems to be capable of stopping the victory march.

However, they have suffered three major setbacks, which the BJP and Mr Modi would never be able to forget in their lifetime.

Interestingly, these setbacks came totally from unexpected corners.

1: Delhi Assembly Election

BJP played several dirty tricks in Delhi after it came to power in May 2014. They did not hold election in Delhi for almost a year on one ground or other hoping that they would exhaust AAP of the resources and comfortably win the election. They mobilized all their resources during February 2015Election in Delhi. They even declared Ms. Kiran Bedi as CM candidate. However, they suffered humiliating defeat in the hands of AAP in their home turf where they won 7/7 seats just a years ago. AAP won historical 67/70 seats in the election and BJP’s CM candidate herself lost the election. They can never forget the humiliation in the hands of a novice Arvind Kejriwal in 2015.

2: Bihar Election

If Mr Modi hated two politicians the most, they were Nitish Kumar and Laloo Yadav. Mr Nitish Kumar break the alliance as soon as Mr. Modi was declared as the PM candidate. Laloo was openly against BJP and specially Mr Modi. Hence, in the 2015 election Mr Modi campaigned tirelessly in Bihar and even questioned the DNA of Mr Nitish Kumar. However, BJP suffered the most humiliating defeat in the election and got just 53/243 seats. This was perhaps their lowest tally in the recent years.

3: Karnataka Election

Karnataka was a self-goal. BJP performed exceedingly well and got almost complete majority by getting 104/221 seats. It was far better performance than their previous assembly election where they got just 40 seats. However, they committed the blunder of claiming majority and form the government by the active support of their Governor. They got 15 days of time and they thought they would be able to buy good number of MLAs to win the confidence motion. However, the Supreme Court played spoilsport and reduced the time to just one day on May 18, 2018. They have to suffer humiliation before the nation as Mr Yeddyurappa had to resign before the confidence motion due to lack of numbers.This is a good example of converting a victory to a defeat due to their overconfidence.

BJP is not going to forget this defeat till 2019.

The people of India are also likely to remember their game for quite some time.

Their defeat shall also galvanize all opposition parties in India that may lead to defeat of BJP and its allies in the assembly election of 2018 and the 2019 Parliamentary elections.

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