Disputed statement of Ex PM and upcoming CM (The father and son)

Deve Gowda steered clear of answering a question on whether the JD(S) will align with the BJP or the Congress in the event of a hung assembly. He had told NDTV on Sunday, “If it happens (Kumaraswamy forming a government with the BJP in the event of a hung assembly), I and my wife and family will totally boycott him.”
The difference between Yeddyurappa and Siddaamaiah is that Siddaramaiah is smarter. He brought in the Anti-Corruption Bureau,” he quipped.

In an interview earlier this year, JD(S) leader HD Kumarswamy said ” In the indian democratic setup they (congress) are more dangerous than BJP” . He added ” if we stand next to BJP and just cough, congress will be washed out of karnataka”
And now he will sworn in as CM on Wednesday with the alliance along congress.

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