Why was Manmohan Singh a better PM than Modi?

Manmohan Singh is a great economist who came to the rescue of the nation in 1991 with his LPG reforms. Mr.Singh made sure that India doesn’t bow down to the bane of 2008 global crisis when 3/4 of the world economy was reeling under economic crisis deluge.

Manmohan Singh tripled the Indian economy in 10 years.

Sensex too grew from 5123.23 points to 22,551.49 points.

The NDA government under Vajpayee took India’s GDP from 423.2 Billion US Dollars in 1998 to 617.6 Billion US Dollars in 2003. Whereas the UPA 1 (2004 – 2009) under Manmohan Singh took the GDP up from 617.7 Billion US Dollars to 1,224.1 Billion US Dollars. GDP grew from 1,224.1 Billion US Dollars to 1,841.7 Billion dollars by the end of 2013.

For 4 year India witnessed a GDP growth rate of more than 9%. A feat Modi govt. is yet to achieve.

Under Modi govt., GDP growth rate fell due to brainless schemes like Demonetization. As Manmohan Singh, Amartya Sen and other intellectuals had predicted, Demonetization caused a GDP dip of 2%

Raghuram Rajan too had warned against Demonetization but our Honorable PM Modi did not gave heed to his advice.

Even after changing[1] the GDP growth rate calculating methodology which showed it as 1 point higher than it actually is, GDP growth rate under Modi is still down by 2 points compared to that of Manmohan government.

Most of the schemes of Modi govt. is just a copy-paste of Manmohan govt. Modi govt. renamed 19 schemes of Manmohan govt.

As Shashi Tharoor had said, Modi is a name changer not a game changer

Over 1 crore toilets were built [2] per year during the period 2008-11, compared to just 80 lakh toilets built while in 2015-16.

Foreign policy of Manmohan govt. was also better than that of Modi govt.

Modi screwed up our relations with Nepal. The oil blockade pushed Nepal into the arms of China.

The new PM of Nepal K.P Sharma Oli is openly Pro China. During the time of Manmohan Govt. Nepal had held good relation with India.

Russia is the first country with which India is holding its annual summits since 2000. Needless to say India can’t afford to suffer its tie with a valuable ally like Russia.

After the coming of Modi, Russia lifted its embargo on arms supplies to Pakistan along with negotiating for combat helicopters.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu became the first Russian Defence minister to visit Pakistan after 45 years.

During his visit he signed a defence cooperation agreement with Pakistan.

Foreign tours of Modi is total hype with no effect on ground.

Look at the FDI chart – most of the FDI investment took place from Mauritius and Singapore.

At that time BJP leaders were criticizing this move just like how Modi criticized AADHAR, FDI and almost all the good things done by UPA govt.

In 2014 when the price of crude was 100 dollar, UPA govt. had to provide subsidy for keeping price of petrol low. Due to the subsidy, price of petrol remained close to Rs. 71.50 .

We all know how BJP responded to that – They went on for a nationwide Bharat Band .(translation: shut India).

In 2017 crude oil prices fell to 30 USD per barell, but still they kept price at 72 Rupees per litre in India. If this is not hypocrisy then I don’t know what is. UPA govt. faced the worst opposition in the form of BJP while Modi govt. got absolute majority in 2014 LS election.

In the field of Job creation too Manmohan is much ahead of Modi.

UPA government created almost 10 Lakh jobs per year while job creation record under Modi government fell to almost 2 lakhs per year. Moreover at least 1.5 million people lost their job due to Demonetization

Modi promised to double the income of farmers by 2022.

Manmohan govt. had also electrified much more villages than Modi govt.

Compared to the Modi government’s ‘record’ of electrifying 7,501 villages over 13 months (7,108 in FY16 so far), the UPA electrified 28,706 villages in FY07. The 7,501 number also pales when compared to the UPA government’s electrification success in FY10 and FY11 – reaching over 18,300 villages each year[4].

Modi never stops boasting about his 56 inch chest, but if you compare the number of casualties and ceasefire violations during the time of Manmohan with that of Modi you will find that all his claims fall flat, on his face.

Women too are unsafe under Modi govt. Rape rate is increasing while conviction rate is going down.

India was very one of the few countries which was very less affected. People out there commenting that Manmohan Singh govt was corrupt should also know that it was his govt which removed and arrested the convicted be it Raja or Suresh Kalmadi.

Mr.Modi even after serious allegations on GSPC allegations by CAG couldn’t take any further step. His govt turned on deaf ear to Vyapam Scam, Chikki scam and Medical council of India scam. My Lordships, according to probity watchdog Central Vigilance Commission there has been 67% increase in corruption by various departments with Railways topping the list since 2015. These details cannot come out coz that’s the BJP IT MEDIA CELL FOR YOU. Mr.Modi is an expert when it comes to the art of enjoying a shower without getting wet.

Manmohan Singh even though he was a great economist tailored to Indian economic system, yet relied on the advice of council of advisors. Whereas Mr.Modi by his own admission an economic novice seems to show middle finger to HARVARD Economists till now. When the nation was scraping to getting back to normal post Demonetisation jitters, he again launched an attack with GST on the middle class. Don’t you think we have become a nation of sadomasochists ??

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