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Period End of Sentence an Indian documentary wins Oscar 2019

Indian documentary Period End of Sentence won the Academy Award in the Best Documentary classification. Coordinated by Iranian-American movie producer Rayka Zehtabchi, the film pursues the ladies of Hapur area close Delhi battling the shame over monthly cycle by utilizing a sterile cushion making machine.

Co-maker Guneet Monga was tweeted after winning the honor for Period End of Sentence

Period End of Sentence director

“We Won !! To Every Girl On This Earth… Realize That You Are A Goddess… if heavens are listening ..look we put @sikhya on map ” she tweeted.

Period End of Sentence short summery


In a rural village outside Delhi, India, women lead a quiet revolution. They fight against the deeply rooted stigma of menstruation. “Period. End of Sentence.” — a documentary short directed by Rayka Zehtabchi — tells their story. For generations, these women didn’t have access to pads, which lead to health problems and girls missing school or dropping out entirely. But when a sanitary pad machine is installed in the village, the women learn to manufacture and market their own pads, empowering the women of their community. They name their brand “FLY,” because they want women “to soar.” Their flight is, in part, enabled by the work of high school girls half a world away, in California, who raised the initial money for the machine and began a non-profit called “The Pad Project.”




The 25-minute narrative investigates the disgrace joined to feminine cycle and managing menstrual cleanliness successfully. A gathering of ladies is given a sterile cushion making machine, designed by Arunachalam Murugantham, the business visionary played by Akshay Kumar in the 2018 film Pad Man. The ladies go from way to entryway, moving sterile cushions and making mindfulness about menstrual cleanliness.

Guneet Monga, who runs the organization Sikhya Entertainment, has delivered a few movies and documentaries, including The Lunchbox, Gangs of Wasseypur, Masaan, Tigers and Haraamkhor.


How to watch Period End of Sentence Full movie

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