Read the true colours of Indian Media

Indian media is a true reflection of Indian society. It suffers from the same ailment as the Indian society at large. These are our reflections on the Indian media.

1: Corrupt

Most Indian media is corrupt. They make more money by not showing the news about corruption and crime, than showing the news. A few years ago, two top executive of a top media channel (Zee News) was arrested for extorting Rs 100 crores. Today the head of Zee Channel is a Rajya Shabha Member and the editors are back on the seat teaching honesty and integrity to the Indian masses.

2: Casteist

Indian media houses shamelessly promote casteism by organizing debates on issues that triggers caste feelings and hatred. They conduct exit polls and give the caste-wise division of votes. They openly announce the caste equations of each constituency and each party and behave even worse than the Indian politicians in their castiest affiliations.

3: Communal

Most of Indian media is communal in nature. Some media channels are doing it openly and shamelessly while others are doing it rather discretely. Only a few media channels can be called secular or at least not much communal.

4: Unprofessional

Most Indian media channels are unprofessional in their behaviour. The quality of news is pathetic. Most news channel concentrate only on Delhi NCR region ignoring rest of India. Instead of showing news to the viewers, they only show debates on their channels. They even don’t allow a decent debate because they behave like a ring master on their show and hardly allow the participant to express a view which is different from the unstated policy of their channel.

5: Irresponsible

Indian media would instantly declare the accused people as rapist or murder even before an FIR is lodged against the person. They start media trial and totally ignore cardinal principle of law that a person is treated as innocent till proven guilty. They are least concerned about the trauma of the people including the people who are victim of a crime, if such news sells and increases their TRPs.

However, we as a citizen are truly responsible for the flourishing of such media in our country. A few years ago, media was much better. However, it is constantly on the path of decline to match the morality and standards of the Indian masses.

Our Crew have noticed that most people treat news channel as another entertainment channel which provides a reality show to them in the form of heated discussions that generate only hatred in the society, but satisfies their heart.

If we don’t watch sensible news, how can we hold the media channel responsible for showing us the trash?

We get what we deserve.

Whether it is politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary or the media.

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