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Indian women share the sex positions they love the most!

Women indeed enjoy sex, but there are some sex positions women prefer and find it more pleasurable than others. Remember great sex happens only when both of you enjoy. To help you out, we spoke to some real women who tell you which sex positions they love the most.

1.For deep penetration: There is nothing you can really do to increase the size of your penis but you can certainly work on your sex position to allow deep penetration. Doggy style will help you penetrate deeper and also help the session last longer.

2.Women loves doggy style: Women listed doggy style as their favorite position. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that the angle is great for maximum deepness and G-spot stimulation. As for rounding out the top favorite positions for women, missionary and cowgirl came in second and third place, respectively. At the bottom of the list, at number 10, was tabletop sex.

3.Women Just Aren’t All That Into Anal :
Although the top 10 favorite positions for both men and women are pretty much the same, despite being in a different order of what’s favorite, the one difference in the list was anal. Nowhere in the top 10 list did women list anal as a favorite sex position or even a position they want to try in the future.

4. Women Agreed With Men On Only Four Of The 10 Positions

When it came to the order of sex positions that both genders wanted to try, men and women both put reverse cowgirl at number five, doggy style at number seven, 69 at number eight, and spooning at number 10.

5. Almost Half Of Women Learn About New Positions From A Partner

According to the findings, 42.2 percent of women are picking up new sex positions from partners. As for other places where women learn about new sex positions, 30 percent cited online (but not porn), 19 percent turned to porn to get inspired, and 8.8 percent found new sex positions in movies or on TV.

6. Women Are Shy About Suggesting New Sex Positions

Surprisingly, only 41.7 percent of women are willing to suggest trying something new and exciting. In fact, 58.3 percent of women reported that it was their partner who suggested new positions. It’s important to keep in mind, that when it comes to having a happy and healthy sex life, keeping things spicy is the way to go.

7. Women’s Biggest Concern About A New Sex Position Is…

For 31.9 percent of women, what keeps them away from trying new sex positions is that they might not be flexible enough to pull it off. Not far behind that, the second biggest concern for women, at 23.5 percent, is that they’ll hurt themselves. For women, the least concern that scares them about trying a new position, at only 9.1 percent, is that they’ll hurt their partner.

Takeaway? Keep your mind open and don’t be afraid to suggest new things. You never know; maybe doggy style isn’t your favorite sex position after all. But that’s something you’ll only realize when you branch out and try new stuff.

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