Saturday, July 13, 2024

Misuse of BJP Assam’s website domain by porn site

Assam BJP cries foul over porn website with party name, files complaints

.An Internet domain formerly owned by the Assam BJP is now being used to host a pornographic website, the state party leadership has stated in separate complaints to the cyber crime cell of the police and a US-based portal creation company. As things stand, anybody accessing the website will come across objectionable images and videos instead of the party’s vision for the state in the years to come

Despite best of your intentions, if you search the key terms “BJP” and “Assam” in the web search engine Google, you might be directed to a porn site.

The site, deceiving as it may be, is not the party’s domain but has pornographic contents.

The official website of the party can be accessed in

When contacted, BJP informed that the party has no affiliation with the website and has infact, filed a complaint in the Dispur Police station and the Assam CID cyber-crime cell.

“Someone has opened this website. When we tried to track, it took us to a server at Moscow, in Russia. We have already filed complaint in the Dispur and CID this evening,” Suranjan Dutta, co convenor of the BJP Assam’s information technology, website and social media department.

Netizens hunting for online information on the BJP’s Assam unit have come in for a nasty surprise, and with good reason.

In its complaint to, the Assam BJP has requested that the website be blocked or deleted because it is portraying a “respectable political party” in a negative light. Sources said the website is currently being operated from Russia, and denied the possible involvement of rival parties or hackers.

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