moving lump on woman’s face that was actually a worm crawling under her skin

A Russian woman went to the ophthalmologist after she noticed some lumps on her face — lumps that turned out to be a parasitic worm.

The lumps had been there for about two weeks. First, they appeared below the 32-year-old’s left eye. Five days later, the lump had moved to above her left eye. Ten days after that, it was in her upper lip.

She documented the lumps’ movement in a series of selfies.

The lumps occasionally caused an itching or burning sensation, according to a case report in the New England Journal of Medicine, but otherwise weren’t painful or causing any other symptoms.

“A physical examination showed a superficial moving oblong nodule at the left upper eyelid,” reads the case report. It was “fixed with forceps” and removed surgically.


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